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Where’s the Education Money Going? $20 Billion Is Going To Diversity, Equity & Inclusion » Sons of Liberty Media

“If only we spent enough money on schools.”

“If only we spent enough money on schools” is the perpetual liberal lament. All the endless money we spend is never enough. Teachers can get paid six figures and property owners can be taxed out of their homes and it’s still not enough. Even though the more money gets spent, the worse the results get.

What could possibly explain this mysterious phenomenon? How about this?

Public schools spend more than $20 billion annually on teacher training to help the nation’s teachers, a majority of whom are white, teach across lines of racial identity. However, none of the 42 large U.S. school districts interviewed for this project measure the impact of their training against metrics or evidence generated in an objective research study.

$20 billion.

We could simply ask the question of whether test scores have improved in the last 60 years. We’ve had over 60 years of complaints that schools have too many white teachers. As if there’s some sort of obstacle blocking minority teachers from getting in the game. Just the opposite. School systems loudly recruit and applaud minority teachers. Especially black ones. Especially black men.

There are cities that have a majority of Hispanic public school teachers. There’s no obvious evidence that they perform any better.

No one checks for results because they don’t want to know the numbers and the whole purpose of the exercise isn’t to improve student test scores. That’s not what equity is about anyway. It’s a philosophical position that actively seeks to produce worse results in order to justify its ideological indoctrination.

Meanwhile, a lot of money that could have been spent teaching students instead goes to DEI.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

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