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Romantic Living and Embracing Diversity: 5 Ways to Support Black Entertainment

Here are great ways to embrace diversity and support black artists, filmmakers, authors, and more, right now.

From the start, we’ve always tried to make The Silver Petticoat Review a safe space for all cultures, races, people of various religions, and more. And diversity in entertainment has always been important to us.

We believe part of Romantic Living is embracing diversity and having love and empathy for others. That requires listening, learning, and evolving – including us. No one is perfect in this world. But we are optimists and have hope for the future. And as L.M. Montgomery writes in Anne of Green Gables, “Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it…yet.”

Thus, let’s all look within ourselves and try to be better. Tomorrow is a new day, after all.

Now, while embracing diversity relates to loving people of all races, religions, cultures, genders, and more, the list below refers to the current crisis. Due to the struggles facing black Americans right now, we have researched ways to help support black people (Americans or not) in entertainment and have rounded up some helpful articles from around the web to get you started.

(Note: We are not experts on this subject. We based the information below on research, opinion, and the theme of this site.)

#1 Watch Movies and TV Shows Featuring Black Actors

Just Wright promotional image
Just Wright. Queen Latifah and Common. Photo: Fox Searchlight Pictures.

It’s important to include diverse actors in entertainment because every person has a right to watch movies and shows with characters that look like them. Not only does it help build self-esteem, but it also helps us all to relate to each other better. Plus, as the saying goes, “if you can see it, you can be it.”

Since this is a romance-themed website, we’ve included some good black romance movies to watch from Bustle. We have not seen every movie, so we cannot personally vouch for every pick. Also, be aware that a few of the choices do include mature content. An underrated pick from the list is Just Wright, and it’s an adorable rom-com everyone should check out!

#2 Watch Movies and TV Shows by Black Filmmakers

A United Kingdom
A United Kingdom. Photo: BBC Films, 20th Century Fox

It’s also important to watch films and shows written and directed by a variety of voices. Below is a list of eight of the best black female film directors!

Another black female director we recommend who’s not on the list is the British filmmaker, Amma Asante. She’s directed fabulous romantic period dramas, including Belle and A United Kingdom.

#3 Read Anti-Racist Literature

Check out these helpful lists of books to read, both for kids and adults. Again, we have not read every book, so we don’t have an opinion on each selection. But these lists are great starting points.

#4 Read Diverse Books

It’s good to step out of our comfort zones. Reading books about people from different cultures and races other than our own helps us be more empathetic as human beings while also increasing our emotional intelligence. So, take a stroll down these articles and find something new to read! It’s a small way to embrace diversity.

#5 Support Black-Owned Bookstores

Want to buy a book from a black author as listed above? Why not support black-owned bookstores? Here are two fabulous resources.

BONUS: Watch Just Mercy for Free Right Now

promotional image of Just Mercy in embracing diversity article
Just Mercy. Photo: Warner Bros.

The movie is currently free to watch in June on Prime Video! So, check it out. The period drama set in the 1980s tells the story of a young lawyer defending a falsely accused black man on death row. Click HERE to watch.

Of course, there are many more ways to support black people in entertainment and, by extension, life. Listen to black people’s podcasts, support independent black artists and musicians, share their art, etc. And then take it one step further and embrace more groups of people. In the end, we hope you’ll consider embracing diversity in your life with love and peace for everyone!

Featured Image: Just Mercy. Photo credit – Warner Bros.

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