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Microsoft highlights new education laptops powered by Windows 11 SE

Microsoft announced Windows 11 SE late last year as a lightweight version of Windows 11 geared towards K-8 education. The new OS made its debut alongside the Surface Laptop SE, but various Microsoft partners are also joining the fray with new Windows 11 SE laptops. Today, Microsoft shared more information about the wealth of Windows 11 SE devices coming to market soon.

First off, Acer is introducing two new devices, the Acer Travelmate Spin B3 and the Travelmate B3. These are 11.6-inch devices with military-grade durability, meant to withstand the drops, bumps, and spills of everyday life. It’s powered by either Intel Pentium Silver or Celeron processors, it supports Wi-Fi 6, and it promises up to 10 hours of battery life. It also has a webcam, making it viable for remote learning, if needed. The Spin variant is naturally a convertible, while the regular Travelmate B3 is a clamshell.

ASUS introduced the BR1100F, which is also a small Windows 11 SE laptop with a convertible design with touch and pen support. It’s also built to survive table-height drops with no issue, in addition to other bumps thanks to the all-around rubber bumpers. It’s also spill-resistant. As you’d expect, the laptop supports Wi-Fi 6, but it also comes with optional 4G LTE if you need connectivity anywhere. The laptop has a modular design that’s easy to repair, and antimicrobial treatment is applied to most of the laptop to keep it clean. Finally, in addition to the webcam, the ASUS BR1100F also has a world-facing camera to take pictures and record video.

Dell is also introducing new versions of the Latitude 3120 and 3120 2-in-1 laptops featuring Windows 11 SE. These 11-inch laptop are powered by quad-core Intel Celeron or Pentium processors, and in addition to a long battery life, they feature ExpressCharge so they can charge back up quickly. The laptops user laser etching to provide a better grip and prevent the laptop from slipping out of a child’s hands easily. The 2-in-1 model also comes with two cameras – a front-facing camera and a world-facing webcam – plus Dragontrail Pro glass for the display to prevent scratches.

Microsoft also mentioned the Dynabook E10-S, though it was previously announced right alongside Windows 11 SE. This is another 11.6-inch laptop featuring a reinforced design to resist the everyday life of young students. It has entry-level specs like a 1366 x 768 display and Intel Celeron processors, but it has a solid range of connectivity and ports. Dynabook is also launching the Satellite Pro E10S, with a full version of Windows 11 if you need those extra capabilities.

HP announced plenty of Windows 11 SE devices today, the most notable of which is the HP ProBook Fortis 14-inch G9, also available with Windows 11 Pro. As the name indicates, this is a 14-inch laptop, and much like the others, it has a reinforced design to survive drops, bumps, and spills. The charging and USB Type-C ports are also reinforced to withstand tugged cables, and the keyboard has anti-prying keys to prevent children from pulling them out. In addition to Wi-Fi 6, HP also offers optional 4G LTE connectivity if you need to stay connected on the road. HP also introduced an 11-inch version of this laptop, including a 5MP world-facing camera and a convertible design, called HP Pro x360 11-inch G9.

HP ProBook Fortis 14-inch

These laptops also come in other flavors. Both have G10 versions that upgrade the processors to a 12th-generation Intel Core i3 or Core i5 and run regular Windows 11 Pro, and there are also Chromebook variants of the ProBook Fortis 14-inch G10, called HP Fortis 14-inch G10 Chromebook. On that note, HP also announced the Fortis 11-inch G9 Q Chromebook, powered by a Snapdragon 7c chipset.

The HP ProBook Fortis 14-inch G9 (with Windows 11 Pro) is available now for $369, and versions powered by Windows 11 SE will launch in April. The ProBook Fortis 14-inch G10 will also launch in April, but the Fortis G10 Chromebook is already available starting at $349. The HP Pro x360 Fortis G9 is also available now for $399 with Windows 11 Pro, and Windows 11 SE models will launch in April. The Pro x360 Fortis G10 will also launch in April. The Fortis 11-inch G9 Q Chromebook will be available in June.

In addition to laptops, HP also introduced two new standalone Full HD webcams, the HP 320 FHD Webcam and 325 FHD Webcam. The former will launch in February for $39.99, while the latter will launch in March for $39.

Next up, there’s JP.IK’s Leap T304 laptop, featuring a rugged design and a rotating 2MP webcam that can also be used to take pictures behind the laptop. It comes with an anti-glare display, long battery life, and a solid supply of ports. Plus, its packaging is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, sourced from sustainable forests and using recyclable plastic. J.IK also announced the Turn T303 starting at $269, plus two Windows 11 laptops, the Slide S301 and Leap Connect T304.

Finally, Lenovo announced the new 10w Tablet and 13w Yoga powered by Windows 11. The Lenovo 10w Tablet features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c chipset for an always-connected experience. It has a 10.1-inch display with a 16:10 aspect ratio and Full HD resolution, plus it sports both front- and world-facing cameras. It has a rubber bumper all around to help it withstand drops, and it uses Corning Gorilla Glass to protect the display.

Meanwhile, the Lenovo 13w Yoga is powered by AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors up to a Ryzen 7, and it’s a 13-inch convertible laptop, also powered by Windows 11. It has a Full HD webcam plus an optional 5MP world-facing camera, plus it has the option for 4G LTE connectivity to stay connected from anywhere. The display supports touch input and the laptop can be had with an optional garaged active pen, too. The Lenovo 13w Yoga also has the ability to be upgraded later, with support for up to 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD, making this a device that can last a long time.

The new devices will be available form April, with the Lenovo 10w Tablet starting at $329 including a keyboard, while the Lenovo 13w Yoga starts at $749. Lenovo also announced a new network filtering service for schools called Lenovo NetFilter, plus it’s working with VictoryXR to provide new mixed reality learning experiences for students.

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