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Melania Trump Pens Back to School Message: ‘I Believe in the Potential of a Strong Education’

Former First Lady Melania Trump shared her thoughts on the significance of education amid the start of a new school year.

Fox News published an op-ed by Trump titled, “Education is the key to innovation and individual exceptionalism.”

Opening her op-ed, Trump wrote, “A wide-ranging education can deliver the potential of stable employment, ultimately supplying our students with the capabilities to realize financial autonomy.”

She added, “And education can, of course, drive innovation and elevate our communities, cities and great nation.”

Trump went on to acknowledge that some children might lack the support needed to obtain a quality education.

“We should provide foster children with educational resources so that they will have tools, an encouraging environment, and a community filled with people who care about their dreams,” Trump wrote.

Mentioning her initiatives including a Web3 technology business and Fostering the Future, Trump explained that they “will enrich the lives” of two scholarship recipients.

“Fostering the Future, a Be Best initiative, secures educational opportunities for children in the foster care community. Our ongoing commitment is critical,” Trump said.

The former first lady brought up statistics from the National Foster Youth Institute showing only 50% of foster children complete high school and only three percent of former foster children are successful in obtaining a college degree.

The op-ed goes on to acknowledge the importance of community involvement in education.

“As our Nation’s students return to school, with the support of their families, teachers, and caregivers, I wish everyone the best of luck. These may be challenging times, but I believe in the potential of a strong education,” Trump continued.

Trump stressed the value of exposure to a diverse curriculum and differing views.

According to Trump, the basics of learning is “imperative.”

Acknowledging children now face different pressures than prior generations, Trump said, “As we enter the new school year, please consider what you can do to herald our next generation’s academic efforts. After all, it is our duty as citizens to be concerned about the well-being of the next generation.”

In May 2018, Trump unveiled her “Be Best” initiative.

“There is one goal, to ‘Be Best’ — that is to educate children about the many issues they’re facing today,” she said at a Rose Garden ceremony. 

She told the crowd she feels “strongly as adults we should be best about education our children about a healthy and balanced life.”

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