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Hire education: 10 high school diploma jobs | CareerBuilder

Getting a job after you graduate high school can help you save money and develop critical skills for the workplace. While many people go to college because they believe it’s the only way to earn a lot of money, there are plenty of jobs you can get without a college degree. Plus, college degrees can be costly and provide no guarantee of success. Below are 10 high school diploma jobs that pay well.* These jobs may require additional training or certifications but can be well worth the time you spend earning those achievements. After you’ve completed any training programs, be sure to create a profile on CareerBuilder to employers can find you.

Insurance agent

An insurance agent sells life, health, and car insurance to customers. Responsibilities involve building long-term connections with their customers. Insurance agents work for larger companies, so they can study and recommend the best insurance packages their company offers.

An insurance agent makes $52,180 per year on average. If you’re looking for opportunities within this role, search for insurance agent jobs now.

Commercial pilot

A commercial pilot flies planes to transport people and cargo. Before they take off, commercial pilots do pre-flight checks and communicate with the ground and cabin crews. While in flight, they communicate with other commercial and civilian pilots, air traffic control towers, their cabin crew, and passengers. Most major carriers require a college degree, though regional carriers may not.

A commercial pilot makes $130,440 per year on average. If you’re interested in becoming a commercial airline pilot, you can look at for open positions now.

Transportation inspector

A transportation inspector examines a variety of vehicles to ensure the safety of their operators, passengers, and cargo. When they inspect a vehicle, they make sure it complies with local, state, and federal safety guidelines. In the event a vehicle doesn’t meet the safety requirements, they report the violations to authorities.

A transportation inspector makes an average of $78,400 per year. If you want to become a transportation inspector, you can look for transportation inspector roles now.

Distribution manager

A distribution manager facilitates the distribution of goods. Their responsibilities include organizing products that come into the center, inputting data about shipments into a computer database, and managing a team of warehouse workers. They may also examine various procedures to maintain the safety of products and employees.

A logistician, a larger category in which distribution managers fit, makes an average salary of $76,270 per year. You can look for distribution manager roles if you’re interested in pursuing a career in logistics.

Public transportation operator

A public transportation operator controls various vehicles for public transportation companies. These vehicles can include buses, trains, streetcars, and trolleys. These professionals get their passengers to their destinations quickly and safely and maintain a specific route. Local governments are often the organizations that hire these crucial workers, and many locations consider them civil servants.

The average salary for a public transportation operator is $34,670 per year. If you’re interested in a job as a public transportation operator, you can look for available roles now.

Truck driver

Truck drivers transport goods over long distances in tractor-trailers. These professionals handle loading and maintaining their trucks, and they decide the best routes to take for their trips. Some truck drivers work for large transport companies, while others are self-employed.

The average salary for a truck driver is $47,130 per year. If you’re interested in a career as a truck driver, you can look for open driving positions now.

Plumbers work on maintaining the fluid pipes, water fixtures, and waste systems in and around homes and commercial buildings. They design plumbing systems on construction projects, repair broken plumbing systems, and replace old plumbing infrastructure to maintain waste management systems. They often respond to emergency calls for flooding, leaks, and low water pressure caused by plumbing issues.

Plumbers make an average salary of $56,330 per year. If you’re interested in this crucial role, you can look at open plumber jobs now.

Farm manager

A farm manager facilitates the everyday operations of farms, ranches, and other agricultural property. They may have responsibilities such as inspecting crops, supervising farmhands, and operating farm machinery and equipment. Before becoming a manager, they may have experience as a farmhand.

Farm managers make an average salary of $68,090 per year. If you’re interested in becoming a farm manager, you can look for open farm manager positions on our job list.

Hotel manager

A hotel manager facilitates and oversees all activities in a hotel or resort. They may have responsibilities such as directing hotel staff, communicating with customers, and responding to phone calls. These professionals typically work their way up from an entry-level position in the hotel to the management level.

Hotel managers make an average of $56,670 per year. If you’re interested in pursuing a role as a hotel manager, you can look through our job listings for open hotel management positions.

Sales representative

Sales representatives market products to customers. Their duties may include building relationships, learning about products, and talking on the phone. They may start in a sales position like this and grow to become a manager or other upper-level sales position.

Sales representatives make an average of $65,420 per year. If you’re interested in a career as a sales representative, you can look at open sales jobs now.

Industrial mechanic

Industrial mechanics maintain heavy machinery and operating equipment in industrial areas. They may have responsibilities such as inspecting machinery, repairing small malfunctions, and replacing old or damaged machinery with new units. They may also administer and follow a strict set of guidelines and safety regulations.

Industrial mechanics make an average salary of $54,920 per year. If you’re interested in looking for roles as an industrial mechanic, you can look through our job listing for open industrial mechanic positions.

*Salary figures are from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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