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For the children: NYT education writer welcomes the news that NYC will be phasing out gifted and talented program –

Great news, everyone! New York City is officially committing to eliminating the scourge of gifted and talented programs:

New York City to Phase Out Its Gifted and Talented Program – The New York Times

— Josh Kraushaar (@HotlineJosh) October 8, 2021

BREAKING: NYC to eliminate gifted + talented classes over the next 5 yrs, major change and likely BdB’s last big decision as mayor. Kids now enrolled in gifted programs will stay in them, but there will be no more separate gifted classes for incoming kids

— Eliza Shapiro (@elizashapiro) October 8, 2021

There’s so much more to read about gifted + talented in NYC! I’d start here, because BdB for years ignored this recommendation from a task force he himself created and then…announced a very similar plan today!

— Eliza Shapiro (@elizashapiro) October 8, 2021

He did not do a single thing to fix failing NYC schools so on his way out the door Mayor de Blasio destroyed the rare functioning component of the NYC school system. You voted for this, New Yorkers, twice.

— Karol Markowicz (@karol) October 8, 2021

Congratulations are in order, no?

New York Times education writer Eliza Shapiro is ready to bust out the champagne and have a dance party:

This is an example of fake news

— Daniel Tenreiro 🦧 (@TenreiroDaniel) October 8, 2021

“Racially Segregated” – lol. “Plucking them out” – lol – as if parents don’t beg for the opportunity.

Eliza doesn’t think that parents should have the opportunity to want what’s best for their kids.

If you have strong views on this, and I suspect you do, please read this rundown of what experts across the spectrum think the mayor should have done. It’s worth getting a little wonky about this subject

— Eliza Shapiro (@elizashapiro) October 8, 2021

“Experts” who happen to feel the exact same way that Eliza Shapiro feels.

.@elizashapiro is openly anti-gifted education so “experts say” is her opinion. That second paragraph, though, YAH teaching kids with a wide range of abilities in one classroom is difficult. But whatever, it’s only kids who lose out.

— Karol Markowicz (@karol) October 8, 2021

The next mayor can absolutely overturn all of this. This is @elizashapiro‘s way of saying he shouldn’t.

— Karol Markowicz (@karol) October 8, 2021

Eliza wants to make sure that future generations of gifted children keep getting screwed over.

New from Adams team on gifted and talented: “Eric will assess the plan and reserves his right to implement policies based on the needs of students and parents, should he become mayor. Clearly the Department of Education must improve outcomes for children from lower-income areas”

— Eliza Shapiro (@elizashapiro) October 8, 2021

Outcomes can never be guaranteed. Eliza and her likeminded peers know that.

Some background on Adams’ approach to gifted: he’s called for more gifted programs in low-income neighborhoods. But experts I’ve spoken to say just adding programs would do little to integrate gifted without major changes to admissions.

— Eliza Shapiro (@elizashapiro) October 8, 2021

Trust the “experts.” Trust Eliza Shapiro.

I love all the parts of this article that are like *and then we’ll just retrain all the teachers and spend millions of dollars on this and it will be totally fine* as if the rest of the school system isn’t mostly a flaming disaster and all of their plans worthless.

— Karol Markowicz (@karol) October 8, 2021

It’s not fair if some children are gifted! We have to ensure that all children are the same, even though they’re not!

Just a reminder that gifted is not a prize like “honor roll”. It’s a diagnosis indicating a mind that learns and processes differently.

— Sarah (@sarah_wxtx) October 8, 2021

I have a gifted child. In a normal classroom, she is bored and begins to pull away from interaction. She deserves education that makes her want to learn.

— Sarah (@sarah_wxtx) October 8, 2021

The truth is that many of her gifted friends have high functioning autism and are finally being diagnosed in high school. But gifted education gave them challenges that helped them function.

— Sarah (@sarah_wxtx) October 8, 2021

The first day they had to dress out for gym in 5th grade, I had to bring up my daughter’s PE clothes because she forgot them. As I signed them in, the entire sheet was filled with other gifted and talented parents bringing up PE clothes. They don’t think about that stuff.

— Sarah (@sarah_wxtx) October 8, 2021

Left-wing alleged advocates for children don’t think about a lot of stuff. They sure as hell don’t think about what’s actually best for children.

Equity means everyone is poor and stupid equally

— Ahmed Al Asliken (@assliken) October 8, 2021

*equity* agenda in action – not about lifting more people up. It’s about making everybody worse.

— Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) October 8, 2021

Its more than that.


— Pradheep J. Shanker (@Neoavatara) October 8, 2021

” We’re not happy, until you’re not happy “

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