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WJC and UNESCO partnership with Facebook will expand comprehensive Holocaust education to users in 12 languages – World Jewish Congress

Facebook users searching Holocaust-related information will be encouraged to visit, developed by the WJC and UNESCO

NEW YORK – The World Jewish Congress (WJC) announced
today an expansion of its partnership with Facebook to connect users of the
social media platform worldwide searching in 12 languages with authoritative
information about the Holocaust available on the website The WJC developed with UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and
Cultural Organization
, as a
comprehensive, accessible online resource providing essential information about
the history of the Holocaust and its legacy.

Through a rollout that begins today and will continue
in coming weeks, when Facebook users search in any of 12 languages for terms
associated with the Holocaust or denial of it, the social media platform will
prompt them to visit At that site, visitors are provided
facts about the genocide of European Jewry and the mass killings of other
national, ethnic, political and other groups by Nazi Germany and its
accomplices during World War II.

The Facebook prompt was first initiated on January 27,
International Holocaust Remembrance Day
for English language users only. As of today, users searching terms in the
following languages will be prompted to visit Arabic, English,
French, Polish, Russian and Spanish. Later this month, users searching in the
following languages will also be prompted: Chinese, Farsi, German, Hebrew,
Hungarian and Portuguese. Facebook may add additional languages later.

At the time
of the initial launch of the prompt in January
, Facebook’s
Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg
said, “I am grateful for all that the
World Jewish Congress and UNESCO do to honor the six million people who were
murdered just for being Jewish, the countless more who were killed for who they
were, and those who survived this horrendous chapter in human history. She
added, “We are proud to partner with them to help people learn the facts about
the Holocaust and hear the stories of those who survived. At a time of rising
hate and intolerance, taking time to read and reflect on what happened to Jews
and others in Europe is more important than ever.”

Directing users to this reliable resource is the
social media company’s latest effort to combat antisemitism and Holocaust
denial on its platform. It follows Facebook’s expansion of its hate speech policy, which commits to remove content related to Holocaust
denial and antisemitism.

“Holocaust denial, Holocaust distortion, and the
spreading of conspiracy myths about the Holocaust have become cornerstones in
the vicious incitement of antisemitic hatred on the part of white supremacists,
neo-Nazis, and other extremist forces,” said WJC President Ronald S. Lauder.
“Learning the facts of the Holocaust is crucial to combating all those who
deliberately desecrate the memory of the millions who were murdered by Nazi
Germany and its multinational accomplices in order to promote their reprehensible
agenda. The Holocaust is the ultimate example of what can happen when hatred
and malicious lies rooted in deliberate misinformation are allowed to thrive.

“The World Jewish Congress is deeply gratified to work
with UNESCO and Facebook to ensure that Facebook’s 2.7 billion users are
provided with accurate, comprehensive information about the Holocaust.
Connecting Facebook users around the world to contributes
greatly to promoting tolerance and empathy as the antidote to resurgent antisemitism,
xenophobia, bigotry and hate.

“I commend Facebook for its continued efforts to remove
hateful content and support Holocaust education. I encourage other social media
platforms to follow this example of how to use their technology to ensure that
their influential platforms contribute to disseminating the truth.”

This most
recent step by Facebook is the product of a long period of cooperation with the
WJC as well as Facebook’s receptiveness to using its massive platform as the
world’s largest social media company to ensure that its users don’t fall victim
to the purveyors of hate and ignorance.

Added Audrey
Azoulay, UNESCO Director-General
, “It is essential that people all over the
world have access to factually accurate information about the Holocaust. Denial
and distortion are forms of contemporary antisemitism, which we must all take
an active stand against. In the context of the global rise of misinformation,
social media platforms have a role to play in combating false narratives and
hate, and redirecting users to reliable sources of information.”

Public Policy Director, Israel & Jewish Diaspora, Jordana Cutler
, said,
“During this time of rising antisemitism, I am proud that Facebook partnered
with the World Jewish Congress and UNESCO to ensure that people around the
world will be directed to credible information about the Holocaust and hear
survivors’ stories. By expanding this tool to reach more people in more
languages, Facebook is taking an active role to fulfill the promise of ‘Never

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