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Wichita Falls ISD Board discusses special education program

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (KAUZ) – The Wichita Falls ISD Board of Trustees held a special session and many community members attended to express their concerns for one specific topic on the agenda.

The school district’s special education program was rated as “needing substantial intervention” last year, and community members worry that more cuts to the program will impact the kids who may need it most.

According to the agenda, the board of trustees discussed several topics in closed session, however there was only one topic that the public was interested in.

“I’m a mom of a special education student,” Clarissa Davis said.

“I have a grandson that has downs and very involved in that community,” Janice Sons said.

According to the agenda, two hours were spent talking about the reduction in force that’s seen many district employees lose their jobs in recent months, as well as discussing the employment of their special education director. Davis expressed exactly why she’s worried.

“What has happened is in the past month or so, we have had a reduction of staff,” Davis said. “17 members, they reduced it down to five. Those five have now resigned because of the lack of support in our admin and with our board and who’s to blame them?”

When asked about this, the district said they still have special education teachers at the campus level, but didn’t give details on numbers or how many admin positions are dedicated to the program.

It’s hard to know exactly what is going to happen because the trustees met privately in a closed session for most of the meeting.

“I hope they realize the sincere need that we have and to stop using our department as a way to cut funds,” Davis said

“I’m hoping, the one reason we’re here today is I’m hoping that they do not reduce force in that very area that is needed,” Sons said.

Whatever the board talked about in the closed session was left unfinished, as the trustees decided to table the discussion on special education for a future board meeting.

That discussion won’t be taking place for at least a week, as the board is already set to talk about their search for a new superintendent during next Monday’s meeting.

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