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Whoopi Goldberg, Lindsey Granger clash over CRT, education on ‘The View’

Goldberg was fired up by Granger’s remarks, which were denounced on social media.

The View hosts sparred with guest-host Lindsey Granger on Tuesday over COVID mask mandates and critical race theory.

Granger, a Daily Blast Live host, found herself in the hot seat due to her conservative stance on education and kids wearing masks, as reported byMediaite.

Longtime moderator Whoopi Goldberg kicked off the conversation by citing a recent New York Times op-ed by Jamelle Bouie that suggested Democrats should move away from the education talking points and focus more on tax cuts and labor unions.

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“Yeah, all of that is great. That’s what we should be doing, but you know, the reality is, as a child, a Black child, I learned that there was a part of my history as an American child that was not there,” Goldberg said. “That no one could give me answers that I needed.”

She went on to point out that college is not for everyone, suggesting trade schools as an option.

“I think if you’re saying we shouldn’t be talking about — any time somebody says you shouldn’t be talking about this, I want to know why not?” Goldberg continued, referring to the Times op-ed. “Why shouldn’t people be aware there’s something out there that may or may not relate to race?”

Behar noted that Republicans appear to be against education as they use CRT to bait voters and limit classroom instruction. Granger clapped back by claiming Democrats once stressed the importance of educating children, but now the party is “concerned about changing the names of schools versus getting kids back in school when we were in the pandemic.”

She went on to say, “What’s more important? Keeping the parents involved in their kids’ education, or teaching them—”

“Wait a minute,” Behar interrupted. “What’s more important, your health or your education? If you have to have one, for a short period of time—”

“I think they’re equally as important,” replied Granger. “The effects on kids are obvious when it came down to masks. They were wearing them [below the chin] up here … Kids should be back in school.”

Granger and Behar continued to debate about mask mandates, with Granger claiming kids “were failing miserably” during remote learning amid omicron.

“Democrats largely kept them out of schools,” she said. Goldberg was quick to reject her claim. 

“No, that’s not true!” Goldberg said. “What kept them out of school was omicron and COVID. That’s what kept people out of school. That’s what kept us from going to work.”

Goldberg was fired up by Granger’s remarks, which were also condemned on social media.

“Nobody went to school. Everybody was cranky, and that’s what it was,” Goldberg said. “But what kept people out of the buildings and out of their schools was this idea that there was something out there that we hadn’t dealt with in our lifetime that was killing people!”

Granger returns as a guest co-host on Wednesday.

Watch the full clip below:

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