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Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin believes that diversity among the senior ranks ‘is a readiness issue’ –

Diversity is a big thing in the Defense Department. After Tucker Carlson recently accused President Biden of wanting to “feminize” the military, the U.S. Army rolled out an introduction to its chief diversity officer. U.S. Special Operations Command welcomed aboard its new chief of diversity and inclusion (who had compared President Trump to Hitler on social media). We’re curious just how many diversity officers there are in the U.S. military.

Breitbart News Pentagon correspondent Kristina Wong tells us that Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby has assured us all that diversity “is a readiness issue,” so we’ll keep that in mind. We mean, diversify all you want, but … readiness issue? How?

.@PentagonPresSec says SecDef Lloyd Austin is concerned about the diversity among senior ranks of the DOD. Wants to make this an “everyday” effort to diversify up the ranks. “He strongly believes that diversity is a readiness issue.”

— Kristina Wong 🇺🇸 (@kristina_wong) May 5, 2021

Fact check: it’s not.

— Baltus Van Tassel (@BaltusVT) May 5, 2021

🤡 show.

Our enemies are watching.

— Code of Vets ™ (@codeofvets) May 5, 2021

Our enemies love this move. All of them.

Being able to wage war effectively is a readiness issue. That is all.

I’m old enough to remember when merit was the main concern for readiness in the upper ranks.

— Wendy Kortepeter (@WKortepeter) May 5, 2021

Not anymore. Something really bad militarily is going to have to happen to wake people up.

— Lance Edelman (@Lance_Edelman) May 5, 2021

You know who doesn’t worry about diversity?

China. Russia. Iran.

Exactly how diverse is the Chinese military? I assume they aren’t having readiness issues.

— Koheeba🇺🇸 Resist. Am I doing it right? (@Koheeba2) May 5, 2021

Iran just aired another video showing one of its missiles destroying the Capitol.

Amazingly, fitness to serve is the most reliable indicator of leadership roles, not diversity.

— Jill West (@JillJillwest1) May 5, 2021

I have an idea. Let’s promote and select people who have the experience to do the jobs regardless of their race.

— Reaper#2 (@rlc_TMASllc) May 5, 2021

We’re doomed… and it won’t be the PRC that kills us.

— Vincent Charles: You Damn Moe-ron! (@YesThatVCharles) May 5, 2021

Unfortunately, it is gonna take another 9/11 to get these demons and the rest of this country back in it’s right mind and out of this psychosis

— Dr. Suki (@poopstyx) May 5, 2021

I definitely retired in time 🙄

As a combat vet, I was never concerned about the color of the Marine I went into battle with. Was never a thought in my mind.

Good to know what his priorities are. 😒

— MTLass (@mt_lass) May 5, 2021

As the father of a soldier and 2 sailors I’m very concerned that this 3rd-rate national security team is/will needlessly endanger my children with this imposed silliness.

— Ronald J Moeller (@OGA_Ron) May 5, 2021

No shit. The good news is that those of us who served before the takeover are simply under glass. When the shit hits the fan, the glass will be broken and reality will be unleashed.

— Reaper#2 (@rlc_TMASllc) May 5, 2021

I used to support diversity, but now it has just turned into progressives pushing to corrupt the highest positions of power for an authoritarian system of loyalist to left vs country

— HarloKid (@KidHarlo) May 5, 2021

“Diversity” is a too perfect ready-made Orwell slogan

— New Sons of Liberty 🇺🇸 (@nwsonsofliberty) May 5, 2021

Without a diverse fighting force, our enemies might refuse to fight us out of disgust.

— Chad West (@Chad_WestReal) May 5, 2021

The laughing stock of the entire world.

— Mike Frez (@frez_mike) May 5, 2021

We’re not counting on the Commander-in-Chief to straighten this out, seeing as he’d already committed to picking a woman as his vice president before even vetting the candidates.


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