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“Saturday Night Live” Thinks Adding 1st Nonbinary Cast Member Will Revive Dying Show

“Saturday Night Live” is coming up on their 48th season, which makes it the longest-running sketch comedy program ever. And I use the term “comedy” VERY loosely, because it’s propaganda, not comedy. It really should have died about a dozen seasons ago, but it’s definitely dying now. Season 47 saw the biggest ratings drop in the history of SNL premier episodes, slipping from 8.2 million for the 46th season premiere to less than 5 million viewers for season 47. So, in some kind of last-ditch effort to revive their dying propaganda program, they’ve announced their first ever “nonbinary cast member.”

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“Molly Kearney (they/them) joins the cast of “Saturday Night Live” for their first season.”

To clarify this convoluted and grammatically misleading statement, it’s not SNL’s first season, as one might misunderstand from NBC’s saying “for their first season.” No, it’s Molly Kearney (they/them)’s first season. They/them is joining for their first season, which will also hopefully be SNL’s last season.

At this point, SNL isn’t even funny. It’s basically just hard-core propaganda. We’re talking Ukraine propaganda, mask propaganda, vaccine propaganda, more generalized COVID propaganda, anti-Republican politician propaganda, pro-Biden propaganda, and so much more. I personally think that a single episode of Joe Rogan is more hilarious than an entire season of SNL, which is especially hilarious considering they did a skit mocking Joe Rogan for taking Ivermectin, a Nobel Prize-winning human medication, and then very quickly recovering from COVID. It was some of the most blatantly partisan propaganda you could find on national television at the time, and it wasn’t the least bit funny. It wasn’t even clever or creative. But comedy in a comedy show apparently doesn’t matter when you have diversity.

Joe Rogan stopped by Cruz Street…

— Saturday Night Live – SNL (@nbcsnl)

If you’re wondering what’s in store for SNL, here’s a

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