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Rep. Michael Waltz pens children’s book to combat liberal agenda: ‘We need to take our kids’ education back’ | Fox News

The Republican lawmaker discusses his new children’s book, the ninth and final chapter in the first Team BRAVE saga.

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Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., is already a member of the Armed Services Committee, a Green Beret veteran and former White House counterterrorism policy adviser, but he added children’s book author to his resume this month when his latest book he was published. 

“I wrote the book because in the wake of what we’ve seen with COVID and COVID lockdowns exposing so much of the garbage that’s now being taught to our kids, in the wake of what we saw with the backlash in Virginia, with the Youngkin race and now what we’re seeing with Disney and their woke agenda exposed. Now we need to take our kids’ education back. We need to get good conservative content to them,” Waltz told Fox News Digital. 

Waltz teamed up with Braves Books, which aims to “teach foundational conservative values” by “dispelling the progressive agenda aimed at teaching our kids all the wrong lessons,” according to its official online store

Cover of Rep. Waltz’s new children’s book “Dawn of the Brave.”
(Fox News)

“Dawn of the Brave” is the ninth and final book in a series, as each character previously had their own adventures. All the characters reflect traditional values of faith, family, the right of every family to defend themselves, and Waltz – who joined other conservatives who penned the previous books — was able to bring them all together to work as a team defending Freedom Island from evil rat wolves. 

“It tries to teach our young, our young kids is that serving your country, serving each other, serving your community, and that self-sacrifice is something that needs to be taught, and they need to emulate and that’ll make our country greater and make them better citizens,” he said. 

Waltz, who objects to everything from universities to elementary schools pushing a liberal agenda, feels conservatives need to take action. 

“In the case of Florida, where they’re opposing a law that says we shouldn’t be talking about sex and gender for five-year-olds and free kindergartners and first-graders. So I think they’re the left, it will be headlong on their agenda. But we have to start pushing back. We have to start fighting back,” he said. “Complaining about it and pushing back isn’t enough. How do we fill that void with traditional conservative values in content? That’s what ‘Dawn of the Brave’ and Brave books seeks to do.”

Waltz hopes “Dawn of the Brave,” which is aimed at children age 6-10, helps readers recognize that everyone has strengths and weakness, but teamwork allows people to come together for the greater good. 

Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., wrote a children’s book, “Dawn of the Brave,” that features characters with traditional conservative values.  (Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)
(Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

“A cheetah named Rebel believes that she can defend the island by herself, that she’s the fastest, that she’s the strongest and the first time the pirate wolves come, she kind of gets her butt kicked a little bit and has to go back and lick her wounds,” Waltz said. “In conversations with the other characters, she figures out they can help her, and she can help them. That’s something we learn on special forces teams as I’m a Green Beret that has served all over the world, but that I think applies to all aspects of life.” 

Waltz said the characters “truly sacrifice their own comfort through training and very difficult exercises” to successfully defend Freedom Island as a team. The bad guys in the book, known as evil rat wolves, represent forces that aim to take away freedoms and rights, similar to what Russia is currently attempting in Ukraine. 

“As President Reagan said, ‘We’re about one generation away from losing those freedoms,’” Waltz said. “I think it’s a perfect time to start planting these seeds.”

The book is not available on Amazon, and can only be ordered directly through Brave Books’ website and subscribe to the monthly service that provides books from conservative authors to children on a regular basis. 

“Children will receive one book a month. We’ve had other notable conservative thinkers and leaders like my colleague, Representative Dan Crenshaw, former Navy SEAL. We’ve had Dana Loesch really late talking about the right to defend yourself that’s baked in our constitution. There’s another book about the Constitution itself and how you have a founding document with a set of principles that would stand the test of time and societal pressures,” Waltz said. “Each book will have a different theme and importantly, $15 from every subscription… will go to Samaritan’s Purse, which has been doing such wonderful work for Ukrainian refugees.” 

Waltz said Brave Books are made in America, and he didn’t want retailers who rely on China and Chinese manufacturing to offer the product – even if being available on Amazon and major retailers would result in increased sales. 

“We have to lead by example,” he said. 

Wlatz previously wrote the book “Warrior Diplomat: a Green Beret’s Battles from Washington to Afghanistan.”

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