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Presidential Campaign Release Staff Diversity Statistics – American Greatness

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has larger percentage of people of color on staff than President Trump’s campaign has.  Thirty-five percent of Biden’s full-time staff are people of color and 36 percent of its senior staff are, The Hill reports.

After the Biden campaign revealed its numbers, the Trump campaign followed, announcing that 25 percent of its senior staff are people of color but declining to provide information for all full-time staff.

Both presidential campaigns boasted a small majority of their full-time and senior staff are women.

Women make up 56 percent of senior staffers in the Trump campaign and 52 percent are full-time staff. The Biden campaign said that 53 percent of full-time staff and 58 percent of senior staff “identify” as female.

According to The New York Times, Biden’s campaign had, for months, declined to provide such data. The new figures, which are self-reported, come as the Biden campaign was in the midst of a major hiring spree and only hours after Mr. Biden had been pressed at a virtual town hall event about having failed to provide such statistics earlier.

Mr. Biden has been rapidly expanding his staff across the country since he became the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee in early April, a process that has remade the complexion of both his senior staff and the campaign as a whole, NPR reports.

“We’ll release the diversity data today when we get off this call. We’ll call you, and the fact of the matter is we have a very diverse staff. And we have a diverse staff that goes across the board, in high level and senior positions,” Biden reportedly said during the virtual town hall.

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